Hi! My name is Cynthia and I have a LOVE for candles.  You can always enter my home and smell the fragrance of a candle burning nearby.  My journey began as a way to relax and unwind after a busy day of being a fulltime insurance agent and a full-time caregiver.  I am a crafter at heart and wanted to put my craftiness to the test.  I made my first candle in 2017.  I started out as a hobbyist making candles for myself, family and friends.  My passion for candle making grew.  I began to experiment with different waxes and wicks to make an eco-friendly non-toxic candle that anyone can enjoy.  Eventually I started blending scents to make unique fragrances that appealed to the senses.  My family and friends encouraged me to become a candle maker and start my own business.  After 25 years of dedicated service to the company I worked for I retired to pursue my passion of hand crafting candles. 

I only use premium sustainable waxes, wicks and fragrance oils that produce candles that is safe for the environment without harmful additives.  

I am confident that you will fall in love with coconut soy and apricot crème candles that you will become part of my candle family. 

Have fun shopping for your new favorite fragrance!

- Cynthia

  • An exhilarating scent that fuses fizzy aromatic champagne with hints of red berries and tangerine that gives a fragrance that is refreshing, crisp, and sparkling.

  • A unique blend of citrus and bamboo along with hints of aquatic elements give this light aroma the smells of fresh florals, warm sandalwood, vanilla, and musk resulting in a tantalizing fragrance.

  • This stimulating scent blends black cherries, black currant, and red apples with aged oak and amber along with vanilla, patchouli, and nutmeg for its sweet, spicy, and woody depth.

  • The aroma of fresh linen accord blended with linden flowers and cotton blossoms along with the freshness of tea leaves, bergamot, and orange zest that fills the air with a clean, refreshing scent.

  • The aroma of fresh juicy peach comes to life with the smell of a ripened peach, spring green leaves with notes of bergamot and a twist of lemon zest blended with white lilies, vanilla, and musk.

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